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Our Viral Video/Messenger Marketing System Explained

In this short video we explain our highly efficient integrated message based Viral Video marketing system... Yes that is a bit of a mouthful, but we integrate Video / Email / Messenger & Viral marketing all into one package... Your marketing contact list just grows and grows each month.

This is the most effective  and best value for money local marketing you will get for your money...  

This Video Explains Our Highly Efficient & Guaranteed Restaurant Marketing System

In this short video we explain all the basics of our clever integrated Restaurant Marketing system... This marketing package guarantees to get your restaurant buzzing and busy with NEW free spending clients that will return time and time again

This system ensures more customers, and ongoing repeating customers which equates to increased profits... I say again, this system guarantees and ongoing series of new customers along with lots of ongoing repeat business... Check it out here.

​A Testimonial From a Small West Yorkshire Company

“I just wanted to go on record to say thank you..."

“Paul at "whats happening" has changed our business completely, i had no idea what could be achieved with online marketing.... The results have been awesome, it changed everything!"

Jacqui Wood
- Practical vintage

Viral Video

Marketing Package

  • New Promotional Marketing Video Every Month
  • Promoted to Local Targeted Audience
  • Viral Marketing Integration
  • Ongoing Social Media Messaging Campaigns
  • Ongoing Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer Base Grows Month after Month
  • Great For Retailers, Restaurants & Health Related

Only £195 per month

Specialist Restaurant

Birthday Marketing Package

  • Specialist Birthday Marketing Strategy
  • Highly Targeted Local Audience
  • New Customers Every Week
  • New Repeat Customers
  • Creates a Great Atmosphere
  • Ongoing Promotions (no Birthday required)
  • Promotes To Everyone In Your Town or City

Only £​350 per month

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